Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Pink Ramp

In 96' my brother and a few friends of his built this ramp next to a Pauls milk factory on the concrete grounds of an old knocked down factory.
Originally the ramp was in the backyard of a guys rented house, and lasted until his first house inspection and was moved here.
At first the ramp had a masonite surface, which lasted a few weeks until the boys bought some plywood from a hardware store. Up until now the ramp was built with supplies 'borrowed' from work sites after hours.
They bought some cheap wood primer to stop moisture in the attractive colour of pink and thus, the ramp was locally known as the 'Pink Ramp.'
I remember skating this ramp with my brother most afternoons after he'd knock off work, mostly under the guide of car headlights and stereos blasting.
Old ramp dudes would step straight out of the 80's and turn up for a session. It was all rather bazaar for the time, fat boards, big wheels and knee pads.
The ramp took a beating, and being built with mostly scrap wood it wore out fast.
The ramp must have lasted from memory about 4 months until the owners of the land gave us good notice to move it or have it destroyed. Plans were for one of the guys not responsible for the original build to take it, and then we though about cutting it down into a mini ramp for another guys house, but in the end the ramp was just to fucked to do anything with and the time ran out.
Good memories of some real good times.

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