Sunday, October 17, 2010

Read This Book

Happily i got told about this book, and was glad i took the advice. I try to read as much as possible but finding something to read is always hard.
Whats it about you say? Well it's sort of hard to pin down exactly. Theres about 10 messages on why people, white collar people in particular, feel disconnected with there jobs.
Whilst the book never aims at glorifying the blue collar worker, it goes a long way into deciphering why people no longer choose a trade for a job. Instead choosing the much promoted myth that university holds unlimited possibilities for people, and that a white collar approach to a persons future is seen as a successful path for life.
It poses the question that maybe a blue collar approach to life can be more intellectually demanding and can cultivate certain ethical values, and ideas of individual responsibility.
Its not an easy read, in fact I'm reading it for a second time and it's all only now making sense. The kind of book you have to dwell on for a while.
I give it 4 throttle revs out of 5.

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