Saturday, January 22, 2011


As you'd probably noticed things around here have been a little slow and hectic lately with all the flooding. And i could write a whole long list about why this isn't started and that's not finished and how it sucks that the Twilight car show got canceled and how i was looking forward to having a beer with me mates, but in the end it is what it is.
So heres a cartoon from the Australian Metal Workers Union newsletter. The best thing for me about the AMWU is that they still believe its 1933. I fully get into it for a laugh but nobody takes me serious, they just wait for me to shut up, whilst the boys laugh and egg me on.
Some of my favourite lines to shout out at or little stop work meetings are "We've all got hungry mouths at home to feed!" or "Rats get fat whilst good workers suffer! " or the all time favourite of many a man "Oh that's it i'm walkin!" all of which must be shot from the hip and said over the smallest problem.

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