Sunday, January 2, 2011

Old Scrap

My old man took photos of these not long ago somewhere out bush. He told me but i forgot, i just remember him saying it would be a 6 hour drive to get there. He printed them out and i scanned them. If theres anything you want just contact me and I'll get the details for you.......everything was for sale.
I'm guessing it's a Dodge Phoenix below? The Ford truck in the background looks half decent.Not sure what this is, Chev? The white 39' Ford truck looks good beside it, and i wouldn't mind having the grille you can just see in the bottom picture, but he didn't think I'd be interested in the trucks.

Model A cowl looks well and truly gone. Maybe they have good chassis?
This is the last of them. The roof looks to be cut in half cross ways?? EK Ute in the background.

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