Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Was Never Friends With Him Anyways

He thinks he's so good now with his fancy air filter.
What unfiltered air not good enough for him hey? I heard he didn't even pay a tenner for that but probably beat some guy down to 8 bucks and then handed him a ten and wanted change. Thinks he's so rich spending ten bucks. If i had ten bucks i bet i could buy 50 air filters for that, and i wouldn't even need to leave the sticker on to show people how rich i am. Wanker. Probably has a job too.
Everyone knows his carb leaks anyways, i don't even know what he's trying to hide. Once a leaker always a leaker i heard. haha.
You can tell he didn't even cut down the thread and use the fancy chrome nut that came with it but just stuck some dirty old washers and a nut under that wing nut to space it out.
Someone told me he payed someone else to fit it for him anyways, so i don't know why he thinks he's so good? I'm not even jealous! I hope that nut falls down his carby and wrecks his motor. He won't be so cool then! He'll probably come and ask me how to fix it.
I heard he has a blog to. He's probably at home now putting photos up of it on his blog. Sooo lame! I bet the whole blogs shit. "Oh hi i'm Doc look at me and my crappy airfilter" loser....

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