Friday, January 14, 2011

Went To Work

It took me an hour and a half to get there the long way round but finally made it to help clean up. What we found was bad enough but i couldn't imagine the ass ache people must be having with there own houses flooded.
This is a freshly finished mini tanker turned upside down and resting on the forklift. The stands are facing upwards and you can see at the bottom the jib we use to pick the tanks up with that is built so strong and heavy it would take more than 10 men to lift.
Catch of the day.
This container is in the creek behind the workshop and would have floated more than 200 metres.
You can see how high the flood got, i didn't measure it but by eye it would be around 5 metres. There is a waste oil tank at the back turned over and plenty of sludge.
These reeds belong in the creek behind the workshop and somehow floated over the fence. They are massive.
It wouldn't be so bad except for the sludge, it gets everywhere. All our welders, hand tools, plasma cutters, band saw, press, drop saw........everything went under.
More cleaning tomorrow.

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