Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Never Said I Wasn't A Fuck Head?

Remember when i spouted off that there was nothing old school about automatic welding helmets and if they didn't use them back in the day why should we??
Yeah well i was right, but i was still being a pompas wanker.
Automatic welding helmets are really good if your starting out, its just one less thing to worry about, especially if your learning to TIG weld with a scratch start not pilot arc equipped welder. Even starting a MIG welder is easier. But after a while with practice this no longer becomes problem.
The only annoying thing with the old welding helmets is the small viewing window. It's fine most of the time but sometimes when welding in some positions the helmet moves and suddenly your having trouble seeing the job.
For ages i tryed to find a helmet with a bigger viewing lense, like the cool ones you see in the old war photos of the people building the bomber planes, but the only one i could find was shaped like a fucking skull. Everything now is automatic lense.......its what the people want.
So with the Aussie dollar so good i bought this automatic helmet with a tall lense. It would be close to double the size in lense to my old helmet. If your going to buy one don't buy a cheap one if you want to weld alot. For the odd welding job they'd be ok, i'm not sure I've never used one, but an apprentice at work bought a cheap one and was getting welding flash.
These Miller ones retail at $440 but you'll save $100 or more if you buy from the states. They have all fruity ones with clowns, jokers and ten different flame designs and even an Orange County Chopper one!!!! Cooooooll.
If i find a cool old tall lense helmet circa 1944 i'll retire this one though.

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